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We are a small manufactuer of  natural soap products in the tradition of Appalachia.  We make real soap with a serious commitment to product excellence. 
We start with a special blend of high quality vegetable oils, pure essential oils and other amazing botanicals.                       

We have been refining our craft for nearly 4 years, and been in business for the last 2.  We are constantly experimenting with new ways to bring you the best in natural skincare.  But we know a good thing when we see it!  We won't change your old favorites! 
Our soap is mild and gentle to your skin.  Try it once and you'll never go back to commercial soap. 
The Truth About Soap
Most store-bought, commercially produced soaps:
  • are made with synthetic chemicals.
  • have been stripped of skin-friendly glycerin (to sell to other industries).
  • contain artificial scents and colors.
  • are produced with animal products.
  • are often hard and dry.
KGAC Festival Fall We have a very high rate of return customers.  And for good reason.  We're proud of our soap!  It represents years of hard work and refinement. 

Our Handmade Soaps:
  • are mild and kind to your skin.
  • are made with all natural ingredients.
  • have nothing taken out.
  • Have nothing added (except wonderful scents and colors direct from nature.
  • contain no animal products.
  • are just good soap!