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Wildcrafted Jewelweed Soap

Jewelweed bar soap
   Traditional Poison Ivy Remedy Soap

Used traditionally to relieve poison ivy rash.
Turns out the old-timers knew what they were talking about.  Studies suggest this    botanical can be as effective as conventional treatments.*
Our Jewelweed soap is made from the extract of plants responsibly wildcrafted** on our eastern Kentucky farm. Jewelweed is an impatien. Also known as "Touch-me-not" due to it's spring-loaded exploding seed pods that appear in the fall.  Called Jewelweed because of it's bright yellow-orange flowers.  Our customers report that Jewelweed is not only great for poison ivy, but for a variety of skin irritations.


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Jewelweed harvestBeautiful spotted orange Jewelweed in bloom with ripe seed pod ready to explode.
The distinctive orchid-like flowers are unmistakeable. 

Yellow Jewelweed
Yellow Jewelweed is somewhat more rare in our area.  We photographed this plant near Olive Hill, KY, within Carter Caves State Park.

*The results of a clinical study in which a 1:4 jewelweed preparation was compared for its effectiveness with other standard poison ivy dermatitis treatments was published in 1958 (Annals of Allergy 1958;16:526-527). Of 115 patients treated with jewelweed, 108 responded ‘most dramatically to the topical application of this medication and were entirely relieved of their symptoms within 2 or 3 days after the institution of treatment.' It was concluded that jewelweed is an excellent substitute for ACTH and the corticosteroids in the treatment of poison ivy dermatitis. The active principle in the plant responsible for this activity remains unidentified.   Varro Tyler, PhD from his book HERBS OF CHOICE
These statements have not been evalualted by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.  Not for internal use or to replace physicians care.  Do not continue use if rash worsens.  Very rarely some persons may experience an allergic reaction to Jewelweed.  Testing on a small area is recommended.

**Harvested from non-cultivated plants growing in the wild.