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Oils being melted and mixed
A mixture of high quality vegetable fats are melted and blended with vegetable oils that are
liquid at room temperature.  Each fat or oil brings something different to the finished soap. 
During years of experimentation we developed the blends and ratios that make our soaps
everything that you have come to expect from Brammer Gap Soap Kettle.
We are often asked: "Why do you make your soap in a stainless steel kettle, instead of the traditional cast iron kind?"
The answer is simple.  We believe it makes better soap.  Yes we have a giant old iron kettle that we use for making
"granny soap" for demonstrations.  But for the highest quality of soap that we like to bring to our customers, stainless
is best.  It is just more inert.  The interaction between the alkali solution used to make real soap and cast iron
might result in some metals or other impurities in the finished product.  Something, we wouldn't want to
pass on to our customers.