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Why use natural handmade soap?

Because real, natural soap contains all of the natural moisturizing glycerin that is usually extracted by commercial soapmakers and sold to other industries.

Because real, natural soap is cleansing, but gentle and kind to your skin.

Because it's just nice to know and understand exactly what's in your soap.
Because it's simply very likely the best soap you'll ever have used!

Varieties currently available

Wild Rose & Orange Soap 

Wild Carrot & Patchouli Soap
Lavender Tea Tree Lotion
Gift boxes now available online

All soap is individually packaged in our distinctive box.  Suitable for gift-giving.

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Sweet Orange and Coriander  LavenderRosy MedleyPatchouli
 Oatmeal and Tea Tree
Jewelweed Licorice
Just Good Soap (unscented, uncolored)
Clove with Cinnamon