Brammer Gap Soap Kettle

Wildcrafted* Wild Carrot and
Patchouli Soap

Wild Carrot & Patchouli bar soap
   Same great Patchouli scent but with a couple of really nice extras!

This soap is made with both an infusion of wild carrot seeds and the finely pulverized roots of the wild carrot.  Don't want to smell like a carrot?  Don't worry!  These great botanicals impart no scent to the bar.  This one has the same heady, earthy aroma of our regular patchouli bar that you have come to love, plus the bonus of gentle exfoliation, antioxidants, and wild carrot seed oil magic for your skin. 


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Wild Rose Hips ready for harvestWild carrot (Daucus Carota) is also commonly known as Queen Anne's Lace.  The progenitor of our modern culinary vegetable, it's root is very like a small carrot, except becoming extremely tough at maturity.  We find it is much better suited for soapmaking than for eating!  It's fragrant seeds dominate the flower head in fall and have been a featured component in cosmetics aiding aging skin.